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Level up your career with Camo To Code. We help veterans and civilans transition into the tech industry by providing the best FREE resources available!


These are the resources and tools I used to go from being a veteran who knew NOTHING about tech, to a professional front-end web developer. I want to help you do the same.

- Michael, creator of Camo To Code

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Why Use CamotoCode?

No Wasted Time

Wasted time sucks, after all time is our most valuble commodity we have. There are a TON of resources out there for learning web development and that creates a slew of problems. Some are outdated, others are just inefficient. I want make sure everyone has access to the best free resources avaliable to save you time.


We Keep Things SIMPLE

Some learning resources are just too complicated to follow. Wether it be from pacing issues or the resource assuming your knowledge floor is higher than it actually, this can be OVERWHELMING. There's nothing worse than reading an article or watching a video over and over again and nothing sticking. The resources I provide are SIMPLE, and if one doesnt mesh with you there are plenty of other options!

Keep YOUR Money

There is an ocean of free information out there to learn web development. Everyone has a course to sell and they will do their best to tell you why you need their course.

You don't.


Avoid the TRAPS

Bootcamps and courses that guarantee employment after completion can seem tempting, but are one of the biggest traps when it come to learning programming. They're not all bad, but you will need to do your research. There's a lot of broken promises and sad stories out there. Learning for free at your own pace can save you a lot of headache.